Saturday, January 21, 2017

We Have Been Spotted

Hey Friends, this is Odie checking in from Citronelle, Alabama. We are supposed to be on the road to Douglas, Georgia but we are waiting out a big storm blowing through. Soon we will be rolling down the road in the BoggsMobile.

We have had a great week in Citronelle, Alabama. It was wonderful to be with Pastor Darius Templeton and our friends at Cedar Creek. Bro. Darius and Sis. Kim Templeton are some of my favorite people. They had a big impact on me when Bro. Darius was my youth pastor at Dryden Road. I love getting to be with them. 

Dad has mentioned Bro. Darius' daily devotions a few times before. I know that some of you are already reading it and I highly recommend it to the rest. You can get to it from HERE and bookmark it for the future. He adds something several times a week and it always good and though provoking.


Dad always says that if you are going to drive a green car with gold rims, you better live right. People will always know where you are, that is for sure. Thursday was one more example.

Thursday afternoon we went to Mobile for a meal with the Templetons. I had barely gotten out of the car when I received this picture.

Sis. Tonya Chapman and her son Luke were in a restaurant in the same plaza eating dinner. They saw the car and knew it was us by the gold rims! They came over to say HI after they finished. It was great to see them for a little bit.

You never know who you will see on a random trip to Mobile. Sis. Tonya had text me earlier in the day about something and mentioned being in Mobile but I had no clue our paths would cross. It is always wonderful to see friends no matter where you see them. 


We are looking forward to being with Pastor Marshall Adcock and the congregation of First Assembly in Douglas, Georgia Sunday-Friday. If you are in the area come see us. 

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great weekend.


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