Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back In The Saddle Again

We are officially back in the saddle again. We left home Thursday and we had four different services in four different churches over the weekend and we had a wonderful time. But revival is where we feel most at home. Revival is where God has called us to be. Revival is where we love to be. It feels good to be back in revival!

Kelly Jo and Odie have never been to the Amber Church and I had only been here once in December 1991. This church was a part of the Oklahoma City Reach and we were thrilled to have them. We knew some of the folks for many years but we met most of them in City Reach.

Bro. Russell Cheek came to be their Pastor later in the summer and the rest in history. We have known Bro. Russell and Sis. Tonya for many years and we are so glad to be here with them and these fine folks.

The service tonight was outstanding! Folks responded from the very beginning and it was wonderful. I love watching people respond to the Word of God and seek God with all their heart. I also love watching God respond to their faith and move in their lives. It is an amazing process and I never tire of it.

It is all part of the wonderful thing called revival. It is what the church needs. It is what our nation needs. It is what our world needs. We must have God moving in our lives and working miraculously in our society.

God send revival to us once again. Give us the courage to turn from sin and turn toward you. Give us grace and forgiveness. Give us a hunger for righteousness and a hatred for sin. Save us, sanctify us, fill us with the Holy Ghost. God give us revival!

Do you desire revival in your personal life, in your family and in your church? I believe that God will give you revival when you seek Him with your whole heart. Let us agree to do that. Let us seek revival together.

Below are a few pictures of our first night here. I am sure we will have more to follow. Thank you for reading.


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