Saturday, January 28, 2017

Stunned, Shocked and Speechless

Hello friends, this is Odie reporting in from a rolling BoggsMobile. We have an exciting day ahead and I will fill you in on those details next Saturday. The bus will also stop in Cantonment, Florida Sunday night. Then we will begin revival on Monday at Grace Fellowship in Elba, Alabama. We are anticipating a week of good times.

We had a fantastic week in Douglas, Georgia. It was wonderful to be with Pastor Marshall Adcock and the congregation of First Assembly. God visited us with His sweet spirit each service. It is truly wonderful to be a child of God and to know Him on a personal level. I am left in awe at how wonderful God really is. 

We have had a few posts recently about our project for this summer. I have not said anything about this on the blog yet, because I really did not know what to say. When Bro. Scott Morris first told me of the plan that God had laid on his heart, I was in shock! I did not know if I should laugh or cry or how to react at all. I was completely stunned! 

The passing of time has not lessened that feeling much at all. In fact, the closer we get to actually beginning this project, the more amazed I am. I would not allow the excitement to really set in because I knew we had lots of things to do before the work of building a house began. Now that it is nearing "go" time, my excitement meter is pegged and I am daring to dream.

I do not understand much about constructing a house but I am picking up a few things. I am grateful to have my Dad piloting this project. My Dad, along with several others, have already given a lot of time and labor to get everything to this point. I know this is a long process but it is very exciting for me.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can catch up with Bro. Scott Morris' guest post and Dad's two posts HERE and HEREI absolutely love traveling and look forward to staying on the road as long as God allows, but it will be extremely nice to have a place to settle into when I am home in Ohio. 

The picture below was taken shortly after Bro. Scott told me about the house project. I was still in shock!

Pastor Scott Morris, Me and Sis. Kim Morris at PFYC 2015

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend. 


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