Sunday, January 8, 2017

View Out The Front Window January 8, 2017

The revival scheduled for January 11-13, Wednesday through Friday, in Sweeny, Texas has been cancelled due to a death in the church. Please pray for Pastor Larry Lamb and the church, especially his daughter, Sis. Dana Purkey and her children and grandchildren.

Here are links to the posts from the last week. 

Since we did some moving this week, you get some variety in the view out the front window.

I posted our view from the front window in Wichita last Sunday but this was our view of the BoggsMobile and Green Machine from the fire escape. Pretty cool view, plus you can see the new parking lot. It is so nice.

This was our view out the front window Monday at Mt. Vernon Holiness in OKC. 

This was the view out the door at WalMart in Oklahoma City Tuesday morning.

This was our view out the front window at WalMart.

This was our view out the front window in Amber, Oklahoma.

This was our view out the front door.

These next two pictures are interesting even though they are still out the window at Amber. I let it warm up to 16 degrees outside before I cranked the bus late Saturday morning but when I raised the shades there was ICE frozen INSIDE the windshields! Yikes!

We were pulling into Gainesville later Saturday evening and this is the view from the front window of the BoggsMobile when we arrived.

This is our view out the front door.

I know we will enjoy both services at Gainesville House of Prayer today. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Thank you for reading.


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