Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Woudnup and Weview

I often start the weekend woundup post with pictures from Friday night services. As regular readers know, we did not have service Friday night due to a tragedy in the First Assembly church family in Elllisville. While we were at lunch Friday, Pastor Kenny Morris received a phone call that Bro. Bobby Robinson had been in an accident. They rushed to the scene and before long the word came that Bobby was gone.

Bobby was a very nice guy and well loved by every one. Our hearts go out to his wife and daughter and all the rest of his extended family and friends. There is no way to make sense of this and many other of life's twists and turns but I know this one thing. I know that God spoke to us very plainly last Monday night that the providence of God can be trusted. 

Please pray for Sis. Wanda, Heather and Bobby's family and church family. There is no way that most of us can understand what they need  and how much they need the hand of God to help them.

Bobby's funeral is scheduled for today and you can view his obituary here. This is a picture posted by some of his family members and then sent to me.

Here are a few pictures from lunch on Friday.

Friday was Sis. Joan Morris' birthday and the church had planned a special treat for her after church on Friday. That was cancelled as well due to the circumstances but we want to wish Mama Joan a very happy birthday. She is a very special lady and we love her dearly.

Here are a couple of picture we took Thursday night.

Sis. Joan with her three sons.

Davy and Sis. Joan Morris

We left Ellisville on Saturday about noon and we traveled about 5 hours before stopping in Louisiana. We first parked at a mall and the girls went in to shop and eat a bite. We were not allowed to park there for the night so we moved to another parking lot nearby with permission from their security.

Incognito shopper

Wheelchair battery low juice 

Odie said, "Mom brought me an Auntie Anne's drink without an Auntie Anne's pretzel. What is up with that?"

"Mom wants to ride one of these animals."


It was going down to 30 degrees over night and by 10:00 it was getting pretty cold inside the bus. We decided to turn the generator on and let it run so we could have heat overnight. Right away we noticed the generator was running too warm.

It normally runs about 160-170 like in the picture below, but it was running over 200.

The small overflow bottle on the radiator was a little low so I added a few ounces of coolant. This was concerning because it had never been low in nearly 8 years. But there was no coolant on the ground. Adding coolant did not help.

I then took the guard off and tightened the belt, thinking it had stretched some since I put it on in June but that did not help either.

I finally gave up about 12:30 and we bundled up and went to bed in the cold. We were plenty warm but my mind felt like it was about to explode. The generator is one thing on the BoggsMobile that has never given me one ounce of trouble and I could not figure this one out. Some where in the night I decided I would check the coolant level in the radiator itself in the morning after the engine had time to cool down.

That is what I did and it was low. Then I checked the oil to make sure the coolant was not leaking into there and that was fine. Whew!. I checked the ground again and there was no coolant on the ground. But in close inspection of the radiator in the daylight I could see where coolant had been dripping off one corner. From this I determined there is a very slow leak and it looks like the radiator is the culprit.

I refilled the radiator and Kelly Jo turned on the generator. We ran it about an hour and the temperature was perfect! Wow! What a night and morning!

We slipped into a church Sunday morning that we had never been too and then found a Mexican buffet that was very good! I mean very, very good!

I was tempted to stay an extra day, it was that good!

We could not stay, even for good Mexican food because duty calls. We needed to roll some miles and that is exactly what I did. Here is the trailer taken from the windshield of the Green Machine in west Louisiana.

We finally pulled into a Walmart about 70-80 miles from our destination and went to bed! It has been a long stressful weekend for us but when compared to all the pain and agony our friends are going through, our weekend is nothing. God forgive me for the temptation to complain.

Today we will finish the trip to Livingston, Texas and begin revival tonight at Beech Creek Assembly with Pastor Don Goodwin and his folks. We are looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading.

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