Saturday, January 16, 2016

Special Days, Birthdays and The Isaacs!

Hey Friends, thank you for stopping by our part of the World! This is Odie reporting from Pine Prairie, Louisiana. It is so nice to have you along for the ride. I really appreciate you reading.

A Special Day At Christian Tabernacle in Pine Prairie, Louisiana

Today is celebration day for Pastor Barry Gautreaux and the congregation of Christian Tabernacle. We had a great service last night and today is going to be a very special day.

Christian Tabernacle's new sanctuary is completed and today they will dedicate it for God's use. I know a lot of money, hard work, blood sweat and tears have went into this new building! Today we will shout the victory with them!

We are thrilled that God has blessed their labor! It is a honor to celebrate this accomplishment with them! I know that this is going to be a super great service.

Happy Birthday

Today is also a special for a very important person in my life.

The picture below was taken on Tuesday back when my Dad was only 48. 

Today is my Dad's 49th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! You mean the world to me! I am blessed and proud to be your daughter. 

This marks the 30th birthday I have celebrated with you. I clearly remember when you were 22 years old and I remember being in revival in Arkansas on your 23rd birthday. We go way back. Lol! I hope today is a truly wonderful day, and I hope this entire year is a year of happiness and blessings. 

I am not eloquent with my words, like you are, in birthday posts but thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for me, our family and ministry. I love you more than I can put into words! I appreciate all that you have taught me. Thank you most of all for teaching me to love God and to follow Him with all my heart!

This picture was taken in Millry, Alabama on my 30th birthday!

The Isaacs 

While checking the Isaacs schedule last week I found they were going to be close enough for us to see them. Bill Bailey Promotions had a 2 day event last weekend at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. The Isaacs were the featured artist for a 1:00 PM matinee concert. Dad drove hard Friday to make it possible for us to be there.

We were thrilled to meet Gatlyn Solomon Yeary on his 2nd weekend on the road. I had no clue we would get to meet him so quickly. 

Gatlyn is a precious bundle of joy. I am completely smitten with him!

I had fun with Gatlyn's big brother Ayden too! As you can tell, Ayden loves his baby brother.

The stage was set

Danny Jones from The Singing News.

Josh and Ashlely Franks started the afternoon of Singing. 

Now for the main attraction, ladies and gentleman, The Isaacs! I can not use enough adjectives to describe their talent!  The singing and musical abilities they posses are absolutely amazing! I think I smiled from the first strum until they sang their final note. 

This was a totally awesome day. It was great to be with our family and friends. Remember you can see the Isaacs tour schedule HERE.

We were thrilled to share this wonderful afternoon with our friends from Richton, Mississippi. It was great to have my friend Rylee Morris there to enjoy the day. 

Sis. Kim Morris and Becky Isaacs Bowman.

Bro. Scott Morris was excited to help load up the Isaacs equipment. 

Farrell Stearnes was also at the concert. He came in his "Isaacs uniform". It was a blast to share the front row with our friend Farrell!

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Aunt Lily, Ben, Becky, Sonya, Jimmy, Ayden, Gatlyn, Levi, Mark, Veevee and Justin. It was great to spend sometime with our family. We love you all! I look forward to when we will see you on down the road. 

I like the rugs the Isaacs had to cover their cords. They should say, "Caution, prepare to hear some awesome music!"

Thanks again for reading! I hope you all have a super weekend. If you are near Ellisville, Mississippi come be with us in revival at First Assembly January 17-22. We are anticipating a fantastic week with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris. 



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    1. Thank you very much, Sis. It was a great day with family and friends enjoying the blessings of the Lord!


    2. Happy belated birthday! Love this article and all of you. Sis Tammy


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