Friday, January 8, 2016

My Favorite!

We have several pictures from our time at home and as I was going through them I noticed a reoccurring theme and that theme was


Some of these pictures from Acapulco were part of other posts but some of them have not been seen on here until today. One friend said, "You all go to Acapulco so often and have taken so many pictures, that you would not even have to bother to take pictures now. You could just use a stock photo." That is super funny but we do still enjoy taking pictures of our favorite little place at home.

People ask us, "Do you really like Acapulco that much?"

The simple answer is, Yes!

The longer answer is we absolutely love Mexican food and really could eat it every day. Now, just like everything else, Mexican restaurants in different cities and different regions have extremely different flavors and qualities. There are some we like much better than others.

We learned to love Mexican food in Oklahoma and we still really like the Mexican places there. We love Mexican food in Texas, Arizona and southern California. We have come to appreciate more authentic Mexican food in many of these states plus from walk up taquerias and taco trucks in several locations including Wichita, Kansas of all places.

We usually find something to like about nearly any place but we have historically been less enthusiastic about Mexican restaurants east of the Mississippi. Our experience many times over has taught us that although the eastern US Mexican places may have a good special dish or two, they do not ring our bell like some of the other states I mentioned.

All that changed when Pastor Bill Lamb and his wife Norma took us to Acapulco in Lebanon several years ago just months after they opened. The salsa had us from the first taste!

I need to tell you something else about me and salsa. Even though my favorite Mexican restaurants have been in Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona, I do not eat the salsa in a lot of them. When salsa tastes like pure tomato juice or chopped up tomatoes, I will pass on it every time. I love my salsa heavily flavored with onion and cilantro and Acapulco is perfect in my opinion!


One more time for the audience, Wow!

What is not to love? Great food, fair prices and wonderful salsa! Yep, we really love it that much.

We have also been blessed to build real friendships with several of the employees. We have been asked to pray for several of them and God has opened doors to minister in their lives. We love that. 

This year for Christmas we ordered a case of quality Gomez Bibles from Bro. Larry Landress and Holiness in Mexico and gave them to the employees. That was Kelly Jo's idea and it was tremendous. One brother told me he had been looking for a Spanish Bible in all the local stores and could not find one. He felt like it was God leading me to walk in and hand Him a Bible he could read. I tend to agree.

Over the next six months on the road, I will miss my friends at Acapulco. I will miss the chance to interact with them and pour into their lives the love of Christ. AND I will miss their salsa!

Here are a few more pictures to keep us inspired over the next few months. Thank you for reading.



  1. You know when the one close by here disappeared there's never been another salsa to compare - next trip out to Cali you are going to have to bring us some! Haven't posted but always love reading the blogs...

    Odie's CA sister!!!

  2. Do you like their salsa? :-)
    Be careful and God bless you all


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