Saturday, January 23, 2016

Meet Baby James Holland

Note From Davy:

Some of you probably missed my afternoon update to yesterday's post. I was letting folks know that there was no church here at Ellisville Friday night due to an accident that took the life of one of the men in the church. It is incredible how that one phone call, one text message, one knock on the door can change your whole life. That pretty much sums up the whole day yesterday for many of our friends. Please pray for the family of Bobby Robinson, especially his wife Wanda, his daughter Heather and all the folks here at Ellisville First Assembly.

Meet James Holland

Hello, dear friends, this is Odie writing today.

We love to be in Ellisville, Mississippi with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris. The fellowship this week has been wonderful and every service has been God ordained. This week has flown by way to fast and I can not believe it is time for us to move on from First Assembly. 

In several past posts we have mentioned our dear friends, Bro. JJ and Sis. Bailey Holland. They have had a roller coaster ride of emotion all last year but God has helped them so much.

James and John Holland were born over 2 months premature in September. Their lives were miracles from the very beginning and many of you joined us in praying for them during their hospital stay and when John went home to Jesus in October. It was a heartbreaking time for JJ and Bailey and their families and church.
James was able to come home from the hospital in November. Now he is doing great. He is a growing bundle of joy. He is well loved by his parents and church family. 
It was a highlight of my week to meet Baby James. He is precious! It is an amazing feeling to know I was holding a miracle. Praise God for His help!
Thank you for taking time to read today. I hope you have a blessed weekend. Below are some pictures of the little miracle.


Davy meeting Baby James 

Sis. Bailey and James 

I enjoyed every moment with this little man.

The Holland Family with Sis. Margaret

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