Friday, January 22, 2016

Ellisville, Mississippi - Revival In Pictures

Update Friday Afternoon:
There will be no church at Ellisville tonight, Friday January 22, 2016 due to a church members tragic and untimely death. Please pray for our friends and family at Ellisville First Assembly.

We have been having a wonderful week at First Assembly in Ellisville, Mississippi. God has met with us every night in the altar service and we have enjoyed it. Thank God for moving among us and touching His people.

We had some pretty bad storms blow through last night during church but it did not seem to hinder the service at all. The rain was coming down hard, the lighting was flashing in the big window and the thunder was rolling, but the saints of God worshiped and were blessed.

Pastor Kenny Morris, Sis. Joan Morris and all of their folks are dear friends to us and have been so good to us through the years. We love coming here and it does not seem like it should be so close to the end of revival. The calendar keeps clicking off the days and soon we will be hitting the road.

Speaking of the calendar, today is Sis. Joan Morris' birthday. Happy Birthday, Mama Joan! We love you very much and we are thrilled to be here on your special day to help you celebrate!

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


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