Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thank You From Odie

Hey friends, Odie here today. I just thought I would check in today. This has been a crazy eight days. God has been so good to me.  He has given me peace and strength continually. The Lord has let me know that He is nigh to me.  His spirit is definitely my comfort. 

I am not through this completely yet. I am resting on my Great Big God to resolve this totally. We are praising God for every good report!!

Here is the report from last night.

Odie finally had the scans she needed Friday night. They could see No tumors and we praise God for that. There was No obvious problem seen in the MRI. After consulting with the ophthalmologist in Paducah, Dr. Baker, the doctors here are going to treat her for Optic Neuritis. This is inflammation of the optic nerve. It shows up about 50% of the time in an MRI. They could not see it but they think this is a likely suspect. It is one of the possibilities Dr. Baker warned us of last Monday. Treatment begins with massive intravenous steroids tonight then oral steroids. Ww will follow up with a neurologist in Cincy. Vision loss is NOT always recovered with Optic Neuritis but can be. God is able! Thanks for praying. 
They gave me the steroids through an IV at the hospital last night and I am supposed to start on a high dosage by mouth today. I will taper off of those over the next 16 days. If I have inflammation in the optic nerve the steroids should help.

I want to personal say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayer and concern. Your out pouring of love has overwhelmed me! Words do not exist to express my appreciation. All the calls text and emails have encouraged me tremendously the last several days. The family of God is awesome!!! I am blessed beyond measure to be apart of His family!

My parents have been wonderful during this process. They are amazing and they have truly been my rock. I can never thank them enough for all they have done. 

I do not have many pictures from home this week. Here is one from Dryden Road Thursday night. My friends Anna and Seth Hoover showed up at church Thursday. It was wonderful to have them in service at our home church.  Of course my cousin Jacqueline will show up in a pic when I am home. I love you Jacque!

Have a blessed Easter Weekend. I am So thankful HE LIVES!!!


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