Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Wonderful Wednesday in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Wednesday was quite different from the day before. I started working on Tent Revival stuff in the morning but left it to go to lunch and never returned to it. It was a complete goof off day and I loved it.

Bro. Terry and Sis. Sherri Bowling invited us to lunch so we met them Tuesday at O'Charley's just down the road from the RV park we are in. We had a great meal and wonderful fellowship. Bro. and Sis. Bowling stay on the road preaching the Gospel as we do. They have been faithful evangelists for many, many years. It was our privilege to visit with them.

The parking lot of O'Charley's is very steep. Here is Odie freewheeling toward the parkway. "Look, Mom, no hands!"

(NO Odie's were harmed in the making of this picture. Her brakes were firmly set and Kelly Jo is just out of the picture ready to catch her if the brakes fail.)

Then we spent a couple of hours driving around in some of our favorite places in the area. It would take days to drive to all of our favorite areas but we did hit some highlights. THE highlight is "Our Place" on Bluff Mountain. It is the perfect home site up on the mountain that Kelly Jo and I discovered several years ago while driving around in Mr. Cheap Jeep.

It is situated where no one could ever build below you and block your view and no one could ever build immediately above you and look down on your house. It even has a little level ground. It would be a bear to get home with snow on the ground but those are the days when you stay home!

It is not really "Our Place" and we have never seen it listed for sale but a guy and gal can dream can't they?

After we got back to the BoggsMobile I sat down in a chair outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather for a few hours. It was a gorgeous, slow afternoon that slipped through my fingers one moment at a time.

When I needed a snack Kelly Jo brought me a bowl of Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch with fresh strawberries from Plant City, Florida. Wow! Those Plant City strawberries are the best. Pastor Marshall Adcock passed part of his abundant blessing on to us last week and I sure am thankful. They are all gone now, Bro. Marshall!

The Millikin's made it in and set up just before dark. They had a super long day of traveling. When they were ready we all went for Mexican at No Way Jose's and enjoyed good food and fellowship again. We were seated right next to Bro. and Sis. Ralston and some of their folks from Savanna. It was great to see all of them too. The folks are gathering in.

Rumor has it that Mr. Anonymous from Mississippi is here hiking trails and climbing mountains. I hope he comes down long enough for us to get to see him and his family.

That was our Wednesday.



  1. Love the pictures and the updates; sure makes me wish I were there - We would all have a great time. Have a great day; and please take good care of my Odie! Sis. Tammy

  2. It was wonderful, Sis. Tammy. You should make plans to attend some time.



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