Monday, April 21, 2014

A Busy and Blessed Easter Sunday

There is really nothing new to report on Odie's situation today. She is about the same as far as she can tell although at times she thinks there may be a slight improvement. We are clinging to every promise we can and we really do thank you for all the prayers and concern.

Tomorrow she will try to reach the neurologist that has been recommended and make an appointment as soon as possible. We are hoping she can get in this week. If she does then MAYBE we can get back on the road by next weekend. We are anxious to get back to our duties but we are also at peace with being in Ohio at this time if that is what we need to do. I am usually climbing the walls after about 3 days at home. Although I am staying busy with several bus projects I do feel a contentment that I know God is giving me.

As of right now we are still planning to be in Lawton, Oklahoma next Sunday to begin revival. I talked to Pastor Brandon Murray again yesterday and brought him up to date on what we know. We should know by midweek whether or not we will be able to keep our commitment to Pastor Murray and his great church. We always have a great time there so we are hoping it works out.

So many of you have called, text and emailed to let us know you are holding Odie up in prayer. God bless you for it. We are thankful for the good news we received Friday night but blindness in her left eye is still a very serious matter to us and to her. Please keep praying. Thank you.

We had a very busy but very blessed Easter Sunday. Thank God for His blessings on our family.

Kelly and I started the day at Sunrise Service at Corwin Pentecostal Church with Pastor Acy Lamb. I used to attend sunrise service at Corwin many years ago when I was a kid and teenager. I have always enjoyed sunrise service. Bro. Terry Bowling has been in revival there and he was preaching Sunday morning. He preached great and God was reaching for the lost.

They had a huge breakfast prepared but we did not get to stay and enjoy it. We had to get back to the BoggsMobile and fetch Odie in time to leave for Sunday morning service at Dryden Rd. It was a great service with a great crowd and Bro. Bennie preached a tremendous message.

We had a move of God while the youth choir was singing. It was awesome. I was blessed, Odie was blessed and several others were blessed as well. Thank God for reaching down in His mercy and coming close to us. He knows how despertely we need Him at this time.

Sunday night we were scheduled to preach at Dodds where we are parked. I appreciate Pastor Kelly Rogers for inviting us to preach. The church was a great blessing to us and I hope we were a blessing to them. Several of the area churches have invited us to preach while we are home. It is very thoughtful of these pastors to have us in their churches while we are here in limbo. May God bless them for it.

I hope you had a great Easter too. Now for the pictures.


Sunday night at Dodds.

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