Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chill Yogurt

Hey friends, it's Odie here today.  I hope you are having wonderful week.  We drove back from Virginia Monday and we are enjoying a few days here in Tennessee before PFYC starts. Dad was very glad to get back to the BoggsMobile. 

Already we have crossed paths with several of our friends.  I am sure we will see many more as the week progresses especially since a few thousand people we know will be gathering here by the Friday. I am getting excited.

Even though I posted some or most of the pictures below during Allentown I was having fun looking at these pictures again on my phone the other day. I thought I would post them again with a short version of the story behind them.

Back in March I was craving ice cream Mom and I decided to try Chill. It is self serve frozen yogurt sold by the ounce. Most of the yogurt is low fat so I was happy!!  Oh my goodness they offer so many yummy flavors. I LOVE all the bright colors in the restaurant I was very hyper while in the store. Mom said I need to eat my yogurt for a"Chill Pill". 

During Allentown the yogurt craving came back. I found a Chill close by in Semmes, Alabama. This time we were joined by Julie and Jalisa Martin. Before it was over several friends were there enjoying the deliciousness.  We had a wonderful visit with all our friends in a bright cheery place eating tasty frozen yogurt. It does not get much better than that.

Well, I better go before I drool all over my iPad. 


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