Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Good News and Good Tires

Odie's vision in her left eye continues to improve every day. We are so thankful for what God is doing. It is amazing. She says that everything is still very, very blurry but she is seeing more and more detail each and every day. She has had a big dark smudge in front of everything and she said today that was mostly gone. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God! Please keep praying that God will bring the vision back 100%.

We still do not have an appointment with a neurologist. We have decided to wait another week and then hit the road. If we leave and then they call her back we will deal with that but hopefully somebody can fit her in soon. Who knows? By the time they find an opening for her she may not need it! That is what we are expecting.

Since we are staying home another week, I called Pastor Brandon Murray in Lawton, Oklahoma and let him know we were not going to be able to start revival Sunday. I HATE to cancel revivals and have went to great lengths and drove many long miles to keep from having to do it in the past. I just could not see a way around it this time. Bro. Brandon was very understanding and gracious. I will do my best to make it up to him and Pastor King in Gainesville in the future.

We are planning to pick up the regularly scheduled programming with tent revival in Oklahoma City the following Sunday. I should know more about that next week by this time.

Today was another work day. I mentioned in this thread that I had a tire on the tag axle going bad. 

Wednesday was the day to take care of that. I run Michelin XZA2 tires on the BoggsMobile and I have had a hard time finding somebody that had them in stock when I was in the area. Best One Tire in Middletown had two with recent date codes so I made and appointment.

When they removed the tag tires I discovered the tire pictured above was the better of the two. The opposite tire had at least two 6-8" long cracks on the sidewall of the tire facing in. They were not as wide as the crack above but much longer and very close to the rim. It is the grace of God that I did not lose one or both of those tires in the last few weeks. Thank God for His help.

I had the new tires mounted on the tag wheels and then moved them to the front. I had the three year old front tires moved to the tag position.

A few hours later and I was on the road and ready to go. Here they are before I cleaned them up.

Now we should be ready to roll. Thank you for reading.


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