Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday 4/14/13

I put up a short post last night with lots of pictures from the Millry Tent Revival. Make sure you check it out if you missed it.

After we took the tent down on Saturday we moved the BoggsMobile and the tent trailer about 13 miles to Midway Assembly. We finished the revival here with both services on Sunday. What great services we had! The folks were ready to have church and God blessed Sunday morning and Sunday night in a tremendous way. Odie receive a great touch from the Lord Sunday morning. It was awesome.

W sure enjoyed our time here with Pastor Lamar Chapman, his fine family and his church. We all wish we could have spent more time under the tent this week but we are very thankful for the services we had. God saved and blessed in a tremendous way and I think it has put a hunger in folks to do it again. Bro. Lamar and his folks have a desire to win souls to Christ and God will honor that.

We had great meals and fellowship with Bro. Lamar, Sis. Tonya and their family on Sunday. We kept them up too late Sunday night and stayed up too late after we came back to the bus. We had planned on resting this morning and then starting for Tuscaloosa this afternoon. Although the girls rested some, I could not turn my mind off once I woke up. Maybe I will rest later.

We are supposed to start revival Wednesday in Tuscaloosa for Pastor Larry West. Our plan is to leave today and park some where until Wednesday. We do need to rest but we also need to practice for our new recording. We hope to be in the studio next week and we need some work. Practice makes perfect, right? I know we do not have enough years for that much practice!

Here are some pictures from Sunday at Midway Assembly.


Pastor Lamar and Sis. Tonya Chapman

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  1. So glad that you guys were able to be with us! Always love getting to see you!!! Looking forward to the next time! Laura


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