Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oops! Schedule Change!

We have had a couple of changes in our schedule this week. My Dad received word yesterday that surgery has been scheduled for April 30th. He was hoping to have this way behind him by now but he is glad to have a date marked on the calendar. 

We will now be going home to Ohio that week rather than Tennessee and Virginia. We will play it by ear once the surgery is completed and then leave home accordingly. Thank you all so much for praying for my Dad. I receive texts and emails almost daily letting me know you are holding him up in prayer. God bless you for that. Please keep it up.

The second schedule change is concerning Tent Revival in Montana.

One of the highlights of our year in 2012 was the Tent Revival with the Sun Valley Church near Florence, Montana. It was a super pleasure and honor to work with Bro. Metzger, his family and church and the visitors that came from out of state. God certainly blessed in the services and honored the church for their hard work and sacrifice. As I said, it was a highlight of the year for our family.

You can tell by the smile on Kelly Jo's face that she loves Montana!

You can see all kinds of pictures from the Montana Tent Revival in the Blog Archive at the right under July 2012. HERE are just a few of them.

Pastor Mike Metzger and the Sun Valley Church asked us last year to save a spot in July of 2013 for another tent revival. We were thrilled to do so. However as I mentioned in a post about tent revivals back in March, "Of course all of this is subject to change. I have learned that you can not chisel tent revival dates in stone. There are just too many variables."

How true that statement is. Sadly for all of us, Bro. Metzger and the Sun Valley Church are not going to be able to host Tent Revival in 2013. Bro. Metzger called me just last week to talk it over and I wanted to let you all know about the change in plans just in case you were planning to join us in Montana in July.

Those of you that are long time readers already know how much we love the Metzgers and the Sun Valley Church. They have become much more than friends to the Boggs family. They have adopted us into their own families and into their church. We love and appreciate them so much and we look forward to the next time we are blessed to see them.

We still have tentative plans to be in North Dakota some time in July but those dates and places are still not confirmed. You can always check our schedule HERE for the latest updates.

Third change?  Mexico!

We are also in the process of planning a Tent Revival in Mexico at the invitation of our good friend, Bro. Larry Landress. He wants us to come to Chiapas in December and we sure would like to do it. Chiapas is a southern state of Mexico on the Pacific side. Help us pray about this opportunity to preach under a tent in Mexico for Bro. Landress.

We had another good service last night under the tent in Citronelle. The weather has been so good the last two days but rain has set in today. It is cool this morning and it is suppose to rain all of today and tomorrow but then clear up the rest of the week. I will probably have all of the side walls up tonight for service. I hate to close the tent in but it is the only way to make it comfortable in this kind of weather. God certainly knows what is best.

Update: Bro. Cunningham and Bro. Templeton have decided to cancel service under the tent tonight because of the cold, rain and wind. Wind is supposed to be gusting 35 to 45 MPH this afternoon.

Thank you for praying for us.


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