Saturday, April 13, 2013

Schedule Change Again?

Can you say schedule change? Go ahead, try it. Schedule change. I knew you could do it. I think maybe I should change the title of this blog to It sure seems like changing plans is a reoccurring topic here lately. But we are willing to roll with the punches.

The main change this time is weather related. We have been in tent revival this week in Millry, Alabama and the weather is always a factor with tent revival. We cancelled Thursday night because the tent area was flooded with all the rain we had but the weather was near perfect for service Friday night although it was a little cool at the end.

Today (Saturday) was absolutely beautiful but rain is in the forecast the next three days with the biggest chance on Sunday. With the storms in the forecast for Sunday there was not much chance we would be having service under the tent. I need to take the tent down dry because it does not go back up until May 11th.

There was no church service planned for tonight so we took the tent down this afternoon. It came down  easy and everything was wrapped up and ready to go in just a little while. I appreciate all of the good help.

We had a little trouble getting the BoggsMobile off that lot. In fact we came a hair of being completely stuck. You can see in this picture that we were not parked very far from the pavement but I almost did not make it to the road. Other than that, the whole day was smooth.

Look closely at the tent in the picture above. Can you see the big white steeple on top of the tent? Isn't that cool? Actually there is a big church in the next block and the steeple lined up perfect with the tent. It sure looks like it belongs there.

We hooked up to the trailer and moved over to Midway (The sponsoring church of the tent revival) and we plan to be here both services Sunday. Bro. Lamar and his folks have worked so hard this week and we are thrilled and honored to be with them. Bro. Lamar grilled steaks for our familes at the tent before we took it down. Wow! That was a tremendous meal. Did I mention we were happy to be here? lol

Bro. Brent Gabbard is in revival in Gilbertown, Alabama this week. He drove down to visit with us for a while today and it was great to see him. The time flew by and before I knew it, Bro. Brent was on his way back to Gilbertown. It sure was great to see him.

I need to tell you about service Friday night but there is no way I can describe the way God moved among His people but I sure thank Him for it. The service was excellent. God met us in a mighty way. I think we are all anxious to get the tent back up in Millry sometime for a full week and give God a chance to work. Friday night was awesome.

Odie and I both have some pictures from Friday night and from the taking the tent down. We will try to get them posted later.

A second change concerns our May schedule. I had mentioned earlier that my Dad's surgery is planned for April 30 and we have arranged to be there for that. Our revival the first week of May was in Bristow, Virginia. We would have had to leave three days after Dad's surgery to make it there in time to start. I was a little uncomfortable with that. I contacted Pastor Ken Taylor and he understood completely.

Now we will have another week at home with my parents and I feel a lot better about it. Thanks for praying for my Dad and for praying for us. We really do appreciate it. God bless you.


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