Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Recording - He Came

Thanks for all of the questions and interest in our new recording. Now we just need about 100,000 people to be interested enough to buy it. That would solve a whole bunch of problems! Lol

Pictures from our recording.

This is our first studio record in a few years so it was exciting to get back in the studio. It was also frightening because it reminds us how inadequate we are when it comes to these things. Thankfully folks that are really, really good at these things are willing to surround us and help us all they can.

Ben Isaacs has been so gracious to help us through the years. We can not say enough good things about Ben. He is so talented yet he generously lends those talents, mixed with genuine kindness to so many in the music industry. He is incredibly busy with the Isaacs touring schedule, his family time and playing on and producing records for many others.

He is really too busy to do all of the things he does for us and we are very thankful he takes time to do it. We could not do this without Ben. He uses his amazing ability to help us sound as good as we can and that is a miracle in itself.

We were also working with Mark Capps this week. Magic Mark (er) is a Grammy award winning engineer. He mixed our Havin Church' Live in California CD and was working hard engineering this one. He and Ben work together a lot and they are a great team.

The new CD has a Christmas theme. I would not call it a traditional Christmas CD although it does have a couple of traditional songs. We hope to communicate the great truth that Jesus came into the world to save sinners. In fact, the working title is He Came - The Gospel of Christmas.

If all goes as planned it will have eight songs and a Christmas sermon. Two of the songs are instrumental carols and I think they turned out great. Kelly Jo worked very hard on the piano. This is the first studio record she has played on for us. She felt so incapable but she did terrific.

Ben Isaacs played the bass and Greg Ritchie played the drums and other percussion. There is a possibility we might add a little more instrumentation but I do not think we will. I want to keep it as simple as we can. I think is sounds just fine as it is and once Ben and Mark work their magic it may be fit for public consumption.

We are planning on taking pre-orders as we did with Havin' Church. I will try to let you know more about that in the coming days. That was a huge help to us last time.

We arrived home very late last night or maybe I should say early this morning. We visited with my parents, my sister and one of my brothers for a while today and ate a late lunch at Acapulco in Lebanon. I guess you did not see that one coming, did you ?

We are planning to attend our home church tonight. I am really looking forward to that!

God bless you all.



  1. I want 2, will this help with the 100,000? Cant wait to hear it!! Love you all! Deb

  2. Great! You want me to order an extra 5,000 just for you? That would be a super big help!


  3. Oh man that burrito looks good. We should have called you on Sat and met you there. Wendal took me to that other place Hot head burrito but it doesnt compare. We ate there Sat. It was so good to have you all at church tonight. We had a great crowd. I was glad of that too. I can not wait to get your Christmas cd I love that song you all sang tonight He came to me. I wish you all could have stayed all week. That would have been alright with me. We love you all. Wendal and Crystal


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