Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Night of Tent Revival in Millry, Alabama

Wow! We had a great first night under the tent in Millry, Alabama. We had a great service, wonderful participation from local churches and four people saved. It was awesome. This community is excited about revival and that thrills me.

Some of the local churches dismissed their Wednesday services to support the tent revival. Others came as soon as their service was over. I sure appreciate that. It was a great encouragement to us and to the Midway church and Pastor Lamar Chapman. I love it when churches are willing to work together to spread the Gospel and wins souls. I know that God honored that tonight. I also believe the community notices that as well.

The weather forecast for tomorrow (Thursday) is not looking very good. There is a possibility of large hail and very high winds. I am praying that the storms dissipate completely. Would you pray with me about that?

Here are just a few pictures. We are not enjoying being without cell phone service!



  1. We love going to Alabama! We have so many wonderful friends! So glad to hear about people getting saved! The Lord is coming soon! Julie Martin

  2. And the people of Alabama love your family! Yes they do!



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