Thursday, April 18, 2013

Refuge Holiness Tabernacle

We began revival last night for Pastor Larry West at Refuge Holiness Tabernacle near Tuscaloosa. It is our first time here and we are excited to be with them these few nights. Bro. and Sis. West came to Tuscaloosa a little over two years ago to pioneer a holiness church and they are putting everything into the effort. I pray that we can be an encouragement and help to them.

They are having church in a rented building a little east of town. It is a great place to start out and we are looking for God to do big things for these folks as they reach for souls in the Tuscaloosa area. Help us pray for Pastor Larry West and the Refuge Holiness Tabernacle.

After two revivals under the tent, it is a little different going back inside the church. I was wanting to look outside for people sitting in their cars and when I got hot I was wishing for a cool breeze to blow through. Lol. I am sure that before it is over we will feel the wind of the Holy Ghost and that is good enough for me.

The weather here is absolutely beautiful. It is about the warmest temperatures we have had so far this year in the places we have been. They are expecting storms to blow through tonight and the temperature will be considerably cooler the next couple of days. 

The threat of a severe storm makes folks a little nervous around here since the huge tornado that ripped through the area in April of 2011. I can not say that I blame them one ounce. This whole part of the state took a huge hit with over 200 lives lost in Alabama that day. You can not help but view dark skies with a wary eye after that.

Kelly Jo is hard at work on practicing for our new recording. I need to take some pictures of her piano set up in the bus. There is not much room for anything else!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the pictures from church last night. There are a few special ones in there.


This is baby Carrington in the picture below. She is Bro. and Sis. West's very first grandchild. Last night was her first night at church. She was the star attraction and is going to be for quite a while. That is just as it should be. She is beautiful and very well behaved.

When Carrington is there does it really matter that Casey and Christiane are also there?

That's a proud grandmother peaking over Mama's shoulder below.

They let Odie hold her in spite of my dire warnings about her dropping other babies...

And Kelly Jo found a big bug in the parking lot of Huddle House after church. Yes that is a cigarette laying in the gutter but it is not KJ's cigarette. Lol. It happened to be laying there and it was a good tool to help you see the size of the bug.


  1. Is that sis Grace Church...
    Sarah Collins

  2. We have TRULY enjoyed the Boggs being with us. We know it was a hectic week for y'all, but each night blessed us immensely. A wonderful mark was made upon our church this week and we THANK GOD for sending y'all our way. And, of course, being the first week our grand daughter was in church was extra special!
    Love you guys- Sondra


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