Saturday, February 9, 2013

Travel Days and BoggsMobile Work

We started early Thursday morning. Kelly Jo had Odie at the Dayton Airport before 5:00 AM. I cranked the BoggsMobile and drove over to a rest area on I-75 and KJ pulled in about 5 minutes later. Pretty good timing. We made the trip to Nashville with no problems and parked in the Prevost lot while waiting our turn in the shop.

Soon they took us in and started to work. I had sent the service manager an email and they concluded from the symptoms I described that the air compressor was going bad. After seeing it in person they confirmed that diagnosis. This is not the compressor for the air conditioning but the compressor for all of the air systems on the bus. If this went out while we were travelling we would be stranded right there! The air bags would empty and the brakes would lock up and we would be out of commission.

The coolant has to be drained and all kinds of things have to be disconnected to remove and install the compressor so Kelly Jo and I decided to celebrate Christmas. My parents had bought us a gift card for Christmas and one of the places it is good for is Carrabba's. We knew there was a Carrabba's over in Hendersonville so we decided it was time for a little Christmas cheer!

It was so good! Thanks Ma and Pa!

They finished the job about noon on Friday and we were hooked up and on our way before 1:00. The blue thing in the picture is the new compressor. It did not fix all my air problems but the old one was definitely bad and had to be changed. I hope it was on sale for $49.99. Lol

We only drove about 230 miles after we left Nashville. Kelly Jo and I both have been running from sickness for weeks but it caught us in a big way Thursday night. Please pray that The Lord will touch us.

We have about 180 miles to drive today and then about 2 hours to drive to pick up Odie at the airport. It will be good to get Odie back on the BoggsMobile.

We start revival in Waynesboro, Mississippi on Sunday morning. God bless you all.


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