Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marty Millikin Surgery Prayer Request

I posted earlier today and that post is HERE

Tomorrow morning (Monday, February 25, 2013) is the big day for Bro. Marty Millikin. The doctor plans to go in and "kill" the tumor and the kidney about 7:00 AM and then the surgery to remove it should begin around noon. The surgery is very dangerous since the tumor is surrounding some major blood vessels but it is  a necessary step.

According to the doctors, Bro. Marty can not live without surgery. After the surgery then they will design a plan to deal with the cancer. We are praying for and believing God for a miracle. It would be amazing if that tumor is not as extensive as it appears in the tests or if it turned out not to be cancerous at all. I can imagine God doing either or both of those things or even something we have not thought of. It is all in God's hands.

If you would pray for the whole Millikin family, I know they would appreciate it.



  1. Dear Dave, Kelly, and Odie: we will dutifully prayer in agreement with you for Marty to have a successful surgery, as well as for strength for the entire Millikin family.


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