Friday, February 8, 2013

Every Little Member is Important

Here is what was left of the air conditioner cover that we lost on our way to Ohio last week.

This is what it is supposed to look like.

Dad climbed up through the escape hatch and took the tarp off, removed what was left of the old one and installed the new one. Thankfully we had a warmish day with no wind so it only took a few minutes. I appreciate Bro. Joe Dikeman for ordering the cover and going way beyond the call of duty to get it to me in time. Thanks, Bro. Joe.

The AC covers are held on by four screws. After the old one flew apart, I could see from the ground that one of the back screws was missing. I assumed that the back two screws had came loose and then the cover had flapped about in the wind until it came apart. 

Dad found that three of the screws were still intact. That means only one screw had came loose and three had held. Only one screw came loose and the wind beat the cover to pieces. Kind of shows you how important one little thing can be. You can read all about it in I Corinthians 12. You may feel like you are not important in the body of Christ but the body needs every one of you.

There is one more amazing thing about it. The screw that came loose was still on top of the bus. It was wedged under some wires. We drove well over 400 miles and the cross winds were 25-30 MPH and that little screw was still up there. Isn't that wild?

We made it to Nashville Thursday and the BoggsMobile is in the shop. I will write about it all later.



  1. Just wanted to say I enjoy ur blog. We met yall one year at Bond campmeeting.I bought several of ur CD's I really enjoy thm. I wanted to invite yall to follow my blog as well

    I just realized i spelt family wrong of my blog address. lol! Just like something id do! LOL!

  2. i changed my address this is the new one if you would like to chk it out. Havent done much on it yet but will b soon. :)


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