Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Wedding Pictures

Hey it's Odie again today. Mom and Dad both have been sick since Thursday. Dad asked me to get another post ready. He said his brain is not working to well yet. Please pray for Mom and Dad.

We are having a great time here in Waynesboro, Mississippi. Pastor Jason Merritt and congregation have been so kind to us. They really been having church this week. Monday night was a great service. Two more people were saved and two were filled with the Holy Ghost. God is moving in a powerful way.

It has rained almost nonstop since Sunday. Thank God the tornadoes missed us!!! Others not that far away were not as fortunate. Some of the church folk lost their home. Please pray for those effected by the storms.

Yesterday I posted the wedding pictures from my iPad. Deidre took rehearsal pics Thursday on my phone. I had a few others from my trip too. I will share some of those with you now.



  1. Is that Ethan Binkley and Peter Metzger in the picture 3rd from the bottom?

  2. Yes! You spotted your twin. I posted that for you. It was good to see Eathan. We all went to eat after cleaning everything up Friday. I found out Ethan is a fellow lefty!!


    1. Well thank you. I appreciate it!
      Yes he is and he's proud of it haha

  3. Looks like my girls were having way to much fun and I missed out! Such a beautiful wedding! Praying your parents feel better soon! Love ya, Tammy


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