Saturday, February 2, 2013

Doing "Stuff" at Home

Thursday night we went to our home church at Dryden Rd. We enjoyed the service very much. Bro. Darrell Meadow was in town taking care of some business and he preached that night. He preached very good. After church we took Bro. Meadow to Cassano's and it was fantastic! Bro. Meadow was raised in Dayton and I think he loves Cassano's as good as we do.

Friday afternoon I went to the doctor with Dad and Mom. Dad's hemoglobin count is better and the doctor was pleased. He said if Dad keeps improving at the same rate then they will reschedule the surgery. That is good news. Thursday the surgeon checked the blood levels that indicate cancer and we are waiting on those results. Wouldn't it be awesome if those levels were normal now? With God all things are possible!

Please keep praying for Dad, Bro. Marty Millikin and add Sis. Mary Ann Lindsey to the list. Sis. Lindsey is a precious lady from our church and she has been a very sick woman for over four months. She received a terribly disappointing diagnosis from the doctor on Thursday and she really needs a miracle to live. Sis. Lindsey and her whole family are really special to us and we are believing God to help them. 

Pray for Odie too. She is under the weather and is stuck in the bus. She sure would love to spend some time with family the next few days.

I spent the early morning Friday getting new tires for the Green Machine. I mentioned that in yesterday's post and I promised to let you know how that turned out. We actually replaced the tires and the wheels. When we bought the Green Machine back in May we knew the tires were not long for this world. They were not in terrible shape but the tires almost caused me to pass on the Scion altogether.

The 2006 Scion xB originally came with 15" tires and somebody had "updraded" the one we bought to 17" wheels and tires. Although we really liked the color and design of the wheels I have never liked low profile tires. I do not love the look of them most of the time and I definitely do not like the ride. Plus they are much more expensive than a normal 15" tire and that is a big consideration since we tow our car behind the bus and wear tires faster than normal. When I could not drive any where in the snow the day after Christmas I knew it was time to do something.

We normally replace the tires on our car about every 18 months because of miles and extra wear and tear they endure behind the bus. I could not justify spending $200 plus per tire for the low profiles that I do not like anyway. That would mean an absolute minimum of $800 every 18 months for car tires. Not going to happen if I could help it.

I knew I could buy nice 15" wheels and tires for about the same amount and then replace the tires every 18 months for less that $300. In addition to that, the 17" wheels that were on there sell for about $200 each new. I should be able to sell the set of four with tires for a few hundred and cover quite a bit of my cost. These wheels fit dozens of types of cars so if anybody wants to pay top dollar for a used set of rims, let me know. I am joking about the top dollar part but they are for sale.

Kelly Jo really liked the old 17" wheels so I wanted her to pick out the new wheels. I found her several to choose from and these gold wheels are the ones she liked. I think she did a very good job. I like them too. The little Green Machine rides and drives super great and seems awful happy to have new shoes. It was nice to drive in snow today and actually be able to move.

Here are a few pictures. We had the Green Machine cleaned up on Tuesday but we are dealing with snow and ice and super cold temperatures so please excuse the dirty car.

Afterward I went by Dad and Mom's to spend some time with them and visit some. When it was time for lunch I invited them to Acapulco and Dad took me up on it.

My food

Kelly Jo's food

And Dad's food was a little late in coming.

Once it all arrived it was bad good! I may have to visit that place again before we leave Ohio.


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