Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Lobster and Travel Day

Friday evening we met my parents and my brother Tommy, his wife Holly and son Jonas at Red Lobster. It is Endless Shrimp time again and the shrimp were delicious.

The whole meal was great. I mean what's not to like about 300 cheddar biscuits and 5 or 6 varieties of shrimp?

We laughed and had a great time and ate a bunch of shrimp. We spend so much time away from home and it is especially good when we can be together with family every chance we get.

Kelly Jo and I were back at the bus before dark so we washed the bugs off the front and some of the grime off of the wheels. It needed more but that's all we had time or energy for.

This morning Kelly Jo went to do laundry while I worked on some last minute bus and trailer projects. I have been tackling a project or two every day this week but still did not fit them all in.

We needed to wrap up as early as possible so we could hit the road for Hodgenville, Kentucky. We are singing and preaching the Homecoming service tomorrow.

This is our first service preaching for Pastor David Webb and his folks and we are excited to be here. Bro. Randy Webb is preaching Monday night and we plan to stay for that too.

After we parked the BoggsMobile and set up the PA system we went to a nice little local restaurant for supper.

The restaurant is the "Wrolen Pin" and it is owned and operated by folks in the church. The food and service were both great. I highly recommend it.

The BoggsMobile wanted to RUN on the way down here. This was the first time in several thousand miles that it was not pulling the tent trailer. I had to hold it back to keep it under the speed limit!

I would imagine the MPG was quite a bit better too! That always makes me smile.

God bless you all.


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