Thursday, August 16, 2012

Installing Blue Ox Base Plate on 2006 Scion xB - aka The Green Machine

Thursday evening Dad and I installed the Blue Ox Base Plate on the Green Machine. The whole front fascia and bumper had to be removed. We took it slow and followed the directions (Most of the time) and everything went very well.

I appreciate my Dad for all of his help. We used his barn and mostly his tools. It is so nice to have all the tools available to do the job.

Remove the fascia.

Remove the metal bumper. The brackets that fasten the bumper onto the frame are still on in this picture but they were removed as well.

Clamp the base plate in place and drill the holes in the frame.

Install the bolts.

Put it all back together....

And it is finished with no extra pieces!

One of the previous owners had installed these screens over the honeycombed air intakes. I did not like them but I figured the originals were broken so the screens were put on to hide the mess.

The originals were in fine shape except for a missing corner piece on the lower section. I am sure I can order that section so I left the ugly screens off. I think it looks much better.

The tabs are removable and with them off the base plate is virtually invisible.

Thank God that job is completed. I have been dreading that. Thanks Papa Bear for all of your hard work.

The Green Machine is ready to push the BoggsMobile now!


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  1. Dad is awesome.....what would we do w/out him or mom?
    I love you mom and dad.


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