Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Evening With Family

My Bubba Steve's son Victor and daughter Deidre are going away to college in a few days. We had an informal family gathering at Dad's barn Saturday night to send them off. Although it was only a couple of hours it was very good to relax with most of my immediate family and a few others.

Since Dad built his new barn a few years ago it has become the focal point of family gatherings. He built a long porch down the side of it and a nice fire ring several feet out from it. He keeps the interior very clean and the whole package makes a very nice place to spend time.


Uncle Jerry and Aunt Garnetta (My Dad's sister) are up from Florida and it was good to see them. All my growing up years they lived about a mile through the field from us but since they retired to Florida we are not able to see them very much. Aunt Garnetta is a singing machine! She and Uncle Jerry did a lot of the singing in the church I grew up in.

McKenzie and Lisa were at Dodds when we pulled in Saturday afternoon. It was good to see them! Thanks for the welcome, girls!


  1. Good pics! You were talking about Jerry and Garnetta singing....I think that is where Katie got her voice from. I know it certainly wasn't from me. :) I love Uncle Gene's barn.


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