Sunday, August 26, 2012

Indoor 2012 Dryden Road Pentecostal Church notes

Odie compiled a list of all the preaching during the 2012 Indoor Fellowship Meeting at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church. You will find that list below.

God spoke to us every service through the preaching of His Word and we are very thankful for it. Several folks were saved and touched during the week. It was a wonderful meeting. Praise God!

I would like to say thank you to our Pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland and all our home church that works so hard to have campmeeting. It is not easy. It is not cheap. But please know we appreciate your effort so very much!

If you want to see pictures from the Dryden Rd. meeting please click on the two previous posts.

God bless,


Tuesday August 21st, 2012

Bro. Shad McDonald
Hebrews 4:14-16
Mark 3:1-5
Grace To Get Another Grip

Wednesday August 22nd, 2012

10:00 morning service
Bro. Dwain Galiher
1Samuel 25:4-33
A Voice of Reason

Bro. Larry Landress
I Corinthians 9 :24-27
John 19:28-30
John 17:1-7
Finish Line

6:00 youth service
Bro. Ryan Brown
2 Timothy 1:1-6
Stirring Up What is Within Us

Bro. Brent Markee
Luke 10:25-29
Who Is My Neighbor

Bro. Shad McDonald
Exodus 21:1-6
When Liberty Says Leave Love Says Cleave

Thursday August 23rd, 2012

10:00 morning service
Bro. Dwain Galiher
Matthew 6:22-23
Mark 10:1-9
Focus In The Family

Bro. Ralph Horton
Jeremiah 2:1-2

Bro. Darius Templeton
1 Samuel 10:26-27
God's Touch

6:00 youth service
Bro. Randy Webb
Ezekiel 22:30
God is Looking For Somebody

Bro. Shad McDonald
John 4:15
Luke 16: 22-26
John 19:28
Three Thirsty Souls

Friday August 24th, 2012

10:00 morning service
Bro. Dwain Galiher
Jude v.20
Praying In The Holy Ghost

Bro. Jamie Holcomb
1 Chronicles 12: 32
Daniel 11: 32
Where Are The Children of Issachar

Bro. John Gabbard
Luke 17:32
A Woman To Be Remembered

6:00 youth service
Bro. Brandon Breelin
Luke 24:45-49
Acts 1:8

Bro. Jeremy Brooks
2 Kings 13:14-19
Elisha's Last Prophecy

Bro. Shad McDonald
Exodus 34:1-8,12-17,29-35
God Wants To Write It Again

Odie Boggs

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