Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Does God Care For Refrigerators?

Does God Care For Refrigerators?

Well, I know that God cares for people that own refrigerators. Yes, it is an idea that I have wrote about before but it was made new to me last night.

Bro. John and Sis. Debbie Eaton came to revival at Central City Monday night. In fact we had several Pastors last night and we sure appreciate their fellowship.

Sis. Debbie testified about something that happened during our revival in Evansville the week of Easter. She said I started praying over possible needs in the congregation.

I imagine I was saying something like this. "Lord save a lost person here tonight. Bring a wayward boy home. Put a family back together. Give somebody a job, Heal a sick body..." You get the idea?

Then she said in that prayer I said, "...and heal somebody's refrigerator." Sis. Debbie took that one for herself. She had a sick refrigerator at home and she believed God could fix it.

You know what God did? Of course you do. God healed Sis. Debbie Eaton's refrigerator and it has been working fine for months!

Does God care that much about the Eaton's refrigerator? I have seen it before and although it was nice it did not seem THAT special.

You reckon God is partial to a certain brand of refrigerators? You think He prefers a side by side or a single door, ice maker or no ice maker?

I do not think God is much concerned about any of those particulars but He loves Debbie Eaton and He responds to her faith. God cares about what she needs and what is troubling her.

God has never expressed to me any feeling about the BoggsMobile, the tent, the trailer, the Green Machine or any other piece of equipment that we use to live and spread the gospel. He has never spoken to me about the importance of my bank balance, the quality of food I eat or the price of diesel.

But God has proven His love for me over and over by healing, fixing and moving in those areas of my life. Not because those things affect Him but He knows they affect me!

God is not affected by "things" or "situations" but He knows we are!

God loves you, friend. He will hear your prayer. He will respond to your faith. He is concerned about what concerns you.

Do not be afraid to tell God about the situations of life that are affecting you! Your dead battery, flat tire, leaky roof or broken refrigerator does not shake God one ounce. But He knows each problem has the potential to shake you and that is important!

Tell it to Jesus! He cares about you, friend! Tell Him what shakes you. Tell Him what causes your heart to fear. Tell Him the source of your trembling.

You may be surprised...

Your refrigerator may cool better than it did when it was new!


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