Friday, August 31, 2012

Interesting Travel Day - God is Faithful

Thursday ended late and Friday started early. This morning I pulled the BoggsMobile in the wash bay at Prevost and the guys from "Almost Chrome" polished the wheels for me.

This is the first time I have had it done and they needed it badly! They look great. We drove through some rain today so they are probably dull now but they will clean up so much better.

We transferred the sound system from the Green Machine to the bus. Then hooked the trailer to the bus and loaded the Green Machine in the trailer. Confused yet?

We pulled out of Prevost and headed South. About 20 miles later on the south side of Nashville my "No Charge" light came on and my battery voltage dropped from 26-27 down to 24.

I pulled off the interstate and after checking the voltage and asking advice from The bus expert, I decided to go back to Prevost. They were waiting on me and found the problem right away.

The big cable off the alternator was broken right at the connection. They put a new end on the wire and replaced a relay that had performed its job well. It is supposed to short out and save the rest of the electronics and it did just that.

So about 2 1/2 hours after we left the first time we headed south again. A few miles below where we had the trouble we encountered a traffic jam. The cause of the jam was an accident involving a tanker truck and other vehicles.

We were stopped for about an hour on the interstate before the road was cleared. That's not too big of a hassle when you travel with all the conveniences of home including food!

The wreck was only a few miles below where we turned back to Prevost and obviously happened after we turned around so maybe the alternator trouble spared us. God knows!

Either way, we are so glad it happened close to Prevost. We really believe God has everything under control. He knows exactly what we need and we really do not have a clue.

With all the delay and stress we did not make it as far as we planned. We drove 293 miles including the 42 mile loop in the beginning.

We stopped about 8:30 at a rest area on I-65 in Alabama. I think we have about 160 miles to finish the trip to Dothan. Should not take too long tomorrow if all goes well.

It did rain on us some today but no high winds and we are thankful for that. We thank God for Ben Isaacs and the folks at Prevost Nashville too. God used them to keep us on the road! Thank you all.


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