Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back in White Castle Country

It is good to be Back in White Castle Country. In fact there is one right here in New Castle, Indiana pretty close to the church.

Bro. and Sis. Hisle took us there Saturday after the tent was set up and we enjoyed it very much as usual.

I know a bunch of folks just do not understand a White Castle craving but that's OK. I guess it is something you either love or hate. We happen to love them!

It would definitely be dangerous for me to live this close to one all the time.

Hope you all are having a good week. God is blessing each night under the tent. We are praying for souls to be saved from this neighborhood.



  1. Well...I'm on the hate side...I went to one White Castles and my fervent prayer was "Dear God, if you'll get me out of here, I'll never come back"! I will gladly give you my share!!! On a similar note...I'll have to tell you sometime about "TacoBellGate" that I started last Sunday at JHPC...I can kinda sympathize with Nixon!!


  2. Frisch's, Graeter's, Cassano's, Marion's,
    Acapulco, Skyline, Camp Washington Chili,
    City BBQ, Mom's house... Good eats ahead!
    What else?

  3. You hit them all, Bubba! I would replace Marion's with LaRosa's though.

    Hey, I found some potato chips that I am bringing home. I think you will love them.


  4. Yeah, LaRosa's is ok, it's my last local choice for pizza
    but the samidges are quite tasty. The buns are JTM
    and the Italian meats are primo, many ways to salt a pig!
    Herr's is one in are area lately with great flavors like
    Ketchup, Steak sauce, Cheddar Horseradish, Hawaiian,
    Dark, (one that's burnt or double-cooked like the ones
    in our old Mike-Sells wax bags before rampant quality control,
    and that crispy flavorite, Salt n vinegar.... Fat guys are
    warped. I can go on....

  5. Herr's are the chips I was talking about. Glad you have them there. Steak sauce, Cheddar Horseradish are my favorites. I've never tasted chips with so much flavor.



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