Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tent Revival Prep

We have had four services so far at Midway and it is building each and every service. Last night was powerful and I am sure it will be even better the rest of the week. We are having a great time with Bro. and Sis. Chapman and their church and family. I am sure we will have some more pictures to post before the week is over.

While in revival here at Midway we are continuing to prepare for our first tent revival of the season next week in Citronelle, Alabama. Bro. Templeton and Bro. Cunningham and their churches near Citronelle are looking forward to Tent Revival and we are all praying that God will give us a great move of His Spirit.

It is a little difficult to deal with some last minute details since we do not have a vehicle right now but we are doing the best we can. We are gathering the things we need and I am studying the directions for putting up the new tent. I am sure that by the end of September I will be very comfortable putting it up and taking it down but this first time is sure to be an adventure.

Miami Missionary Tent Company provides great instructions and a DVD but there is nothing like hands on experience. Each tent has it's own distinct features and personality, if you will. I am looking forward to pulling this tent out of the bags and getting to know it better. I hope to have everything measured and laid out, ready to go when the men arrive at 1:00 on Saturday. Once the stakes are in the ground we will pull the tent pieces out and try to put that thing in the air.

Please pray that all goes well. Pray for good weather Saturday and throughout the next week. We were under a tent 42 nights last year and only had a little rain in ONE service. We had rain and storms during the day and night but very little wind and rain during church. Whatever God does, we plan to give Him glory but we are asking for no rain and no high winds. Will you join us in prayer? Pray as well for the services.

Those services are what all of the hard work, blood sweat, tears and money spent are about. I am very excited about the opportunity to put the tent up and preach the gospel in several states again this year. My vision for these meetings is for the lost to be converted, the sick to be healed and the saints to be encouraged as they are saturated with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost. We must have God move in those services!

When I conduct tent revivals I place heavy emphasis on the power of the Word and the moving of God’s Spirit. It has been my experience that in today’s world we often do not have 2-3 hours to reach people that come into our meetings.  The attention span of many in the world is very short and often they drift away while we go through the motions of having church.  I make an effort to give them the Word of God as early in the service as we can and allow the Holy Ghost to work in their hearts.

I believe that God will accomplish great things!  I am expecting our Awesome God to do Awesome things before our eyes! We intend to Pray like the success of the tent revival depends on God and to work like it depends on you. God bless you for joining us in prayer....


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  1. Great Story and I do hope that the Holy Spirit will move in a mighty way.I will pray for the team and the community. I plan on doing tent revivals but have no clue on getting started.I keep praying for the leadership of the holy Ghost.


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