Friday, March 23, 2012

Do You Know Jimmie Radcliffe?

Do You Know Jimmie Radcliffe?

We met Bro. Jimmie in January, 2011 when we arrived to preach our first revival at Hilldale Holiness Church for Pastor Nathan Conner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had known Bro. Jimmie's brothers and parents for quite a long time but our paths had never crossed.

By the end of the week we had several brand new good friends and Bro. Jimmie was one of them. He took an interest in us, our ministry and our upcoming Summer of Tent Revivals. He has been a great source of encouragement and blessing to us.

The 2009 24 ft. trailer that we used last summer originally belonged to Bro. Jimmie. We were only able to purchase it because he gave us such a tremendous deal on it. Last year would have been so different if we had not had that trailer. It carried the tent, chairs, platforms, carpet, tools and Mr. Cheap Jeep and it carried it all well!

Our first tent revival of 2011 was in June at Hilldale Holiness Church . That is Bro. Jimmie's home church. He worked so hard, along with all the other men of the church, on that first set up and went way beyond the call of duty. We used his tools, ladders, lights and so much more. Come to think of it, we are still using his lights...

He made a trip to Allentown last week and took that white 2009 trailer back to its new home in Oklahoma. That trip alone was a huge, huge help to me. I do not know how or when I could have made that trip myself.

He is also planning along with others to drive to Montana for the tent revival there in July. That is exciting to think about way back here in March!

Bro. Jimmie has called and text and emailed with encouragement and the promise of prayers through this whole experience. He has taken a personal interest in making sure we have what we need. I believe he would give his last ounce of strength to help somebody else.

Do you have the picture yet? I believe God placed Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe and many others like him for this particular time in our life. Bro. Jimmie seeks no limelight, he would want no applause and he desires no public credit, yet he certainly deserves much applause and credit. He has been my friend and I thank God for him.

Do You Know Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe? He is definitely worth getting to know...



  1. Awesome stuff. Love the new idea.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Thank you for all the sacrifices your family makes to carry the Gospel and take hope to those who do not know Christ. Only eternity will tell all the results. Maybe the 15 yr old boy; who got into an argument with his parents and is walking down the road, when he hears that Jesus loves him coming from under a tent. Maybe its the drunk stumbling down the street who hears. The elderly person who listens from behind the shrubs on the porch; or the vehicles that slow or stop as they drive by the tent and listen. Thank you and your family for the true sacrifices. Long nights of wandering; are we doing the right thing. Weeks of spending more to have the tent revival, than receiving in the offerings. May God bless you with saints that beg God for the anionting under the tent and churches that take this endeavor on their heart as a home missions support project. Thank you for allowing the light of Christ to shine through.

  3. I know Brother Jimmie! We swap howdys whenever we meet, which is too far and long and few in between!

    Great Idea Brother Davy!

  4. We know Bro. Jimmie, He is a working machine, he learned everything he knows down at Elco Camp!!
    Most of the time he was covered in mud.
    A scripture that sums up this mans attitude...
    Ecc.9:10 "whatsover thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might".
    The Galihers
    West Plains, MO


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