Monday, March 19, 2012

Midway Assembly near St. Stephens, Alabama - 2012

Travel day on Saturday was another light one. We left Allentown just before noon and even with a stop at Pilot Truck Stop for fuel and food we were at Midway about 2 1/2 - 3 hours later. They way we came is only about 85-90 miles but part of it was traffic lights and several miles was small roads.

The Midway church was having a wild game supper Saturday evening and we arrived just in time. They had turkey, rabbit, squirrel, deer, wild hog and maybe a few other things. It was all very good and we enjoyed it very much. It was nice of the folks to invite us to participate in their annual event.

Services yesterday were wonderful. Pastor Lamar Chapman says they have had a wonderful revival spirit for a few months and Sunday was no exception. Last year's revival here was tremendous and we are looking for great things again this year. Please pray that God will move among us this week.

Bro. Lamar and Sis. Tonya Chapman are super people. We love spending time with their family and have already had some great laughs together over the weekend. We love their family so much and thank God for their friendship.

Our phone service this week is almost NOT phone service. It really is awful peaceful out here in the country without the phones ringing and dinging all of the time. If you need to reach us you can try texting us or just leave a voice mail. We have internet on the laptop so you could send an email and we will see it eventually. As always you are welcome to leave comments on the blog...

God bless,


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  1. Wow!...You're in good company! The Chapmans held a revival at JHPC many years ago and we really enjoyed having them. Tell them Howdy from the Riggs'

    God Bless!


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