Thursday, March 15, 2012

Allentown Campmeeting 2012 in Pictures-Wednesday

Another great day at Allentown Campmeeting Wednesday. We went to the Original Oyster House for lunch with the Brimms and Dikemans and had a great time. We had to ride with them since we have no wheels and the Dikemans treated us all to a terrific meal. We loved the fellowship and we sure appreciate their kindness and friendship.

All the services were good and the preaching was encouraging. Odie has a run down of the services below.


Having fun building a tower...

Allentown 2012

Wednesday Morning

Bro. Kelsey Valines
Acts 2018:14
Philippians 1:13-15
Beyond Your Bonds

Bro. Russell Cheek
Luke 15:21-32
Prodigal's Party

Bro. Charles Barnett
Luke 18:1-14
Luke 15:
Rejoicing Over The Lost

Wednesday Youth Service

Bro. Luke shuecraft 
Lev. 9:24
The Fire

Bro. Derick Haddex

Nehemiah 1:1-4
Being Broken For Our Generation

Bro. Joey Hight
Luke 24:39
His Hand Is On This Place


Odie Boggs


  1. Enjoying the pictures! I would really like to be in the campmeeting but I'm in panic mode with the jobs I need to get done. Tell anybody you think I might know Howdy!! Lol!


  2. I love looking back at all the pictures :) So glad you post them! Looking forward to seeing you all next week!! :)


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