Saturday, March 24, 2012

Revival in Pictures - Midway Assembly, St. Stephens, Alabama, 2012

I had my first gig as a guest blogger today over at the blog of Ashlee, Kari and Malachi Noe. They are super friends and excellent folks. Bebop on over and check it out HERE. It was a lot of fun. It is probably the beginning of great things... Tomorrow I may be writing for the Drudge Report!

We closed revival tonight (This is late Friday night) at Midway. Wow! What a revival! The altar services the last two nights have been incredible. We appreciate Pastor Lamar Chapman and his family and church. We have had a wonderful time. We have a bunch of random pictures of Midway folks and visitors below. I hope you enjoy.

We plan to set up the new tent for the first time tomorrow (Saturday) in Citronelle and I certainly desire your prayers. Please ask God to give us strength, wisdom and ingenuity that we need. If I have signal when I get there I will try to post more about our need of prayer for this and future tent revivals...

God bless,




  1. Hi, Bro. Davy! I put the Miles Marker on our blog roll. It is called Soul-Winning Friends. Soul-Winning In North Louisiana turns a year old on April 20th. Thanks for getting us started! God bless!

  2. That lay thy hands on thy brother or sister picture pose is a copyrighted pose by the original photographer. Please don't forget to pay all royalty fees.

    Mr. Anonymous

  3. Be looking for the check in the mail, Mr. Anonymous!


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