Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tent Revival Wrap Up - Thursday and Friday in Richton, Mississippi

We hated to leave Richton, Mississippi early Saturday morning but duty called us away. I felt the same way when we left Bro. Williamson on Monday and I know I will feel the same way when we leave Tennessee next Saturday. Our hearts get wrapped up in our friends and we hate to leave them. But I also know that after a few days I get itchy feet and I would be starting the BoggsMobile and wandering off anyway. I just can't help it. The urge to move on is just too great. It hurts us to leave our friends but we must press on...

The tent revival in Richton was tremendous. God moved in the altar service every night and several came to be saved, helped and encouraged in the altars. Pastor Scott Morris has a burden for his church and community and it shows every night. He encouraged the folks to worship God by his example and helped the services so much. It was great to work with him again and to spend time with he and his family each day.

God was so near to us in this meeting. I praise God for His help during the week and His grace and mercy upon us in these last days. He proved to us once again that He stands ready and willing to call the sinner and strengthen the believer. We need Him more that ever and Praise God He is available to us.

Friday wrapped up 41 nights under the tent for the Boggs Family this year and we enjoyed them all. Although we had some storms during the day and in the night we only had light rain during church service one night out of 41. I praise God for the good weather. I asked God for it and I ought to be thankful now and I certainly am very grateful. He protected us all summer and helped us with the trailer, tent and all of the extra expense. Praise God!

As of right now our first tent revival next year will be near the end of March in Alabama. It will be the first time raising the new tent and we are already praying about that meeting and the ones to follow. Please help us pray.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from Richton...


Lunch on Friday at the Conestoga in Hattiesburg thanks to Bro. Colon Brewer.
Man, it was good!


  1. I was in revival with ya'll in Richton Friday night. You opened the service with a new song & I was trying to find out the name of it so our P&W group can learn it. I think you said it was on the Isaacs new CD. I bought your CD that had "His mercies are new everyday", I believe that was one you sang but there was another one that was just beautiful. Hoping you'll be able to help me out. I enjoyed your message Friday night & have reflected on it a lot since. The optical illusion part is so true in how satan uses things & creates that optical illusion to lure us in. Thank you so much to ministering in my hometow n. Please be in prayer as our chuch will be hosting a Praise 2011 in the same park this Sat the 15th. God bless you & your family & ministry. In Christ, Diane

  2. Thanks for your kind words. We certainly enjoyed the tent revival in Richton and Friday night in particular. The Isaacs song you referred to is on their new CD called "Why Can't We". That song and several others on the project was written by Sonia and Becky Isaacs. It is supposed to be in stores November 1st but you can probably order it from Gaither Music or Springside now or at least very soon. I am sure it will be available on iTunes soon as well. It is a great album that we highly recommend..



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