Saturday, October 22, 2011

Calvary Evangelistic Center Pastor William Hill

Boy Howdy! When I said I didn't have much phone service in Independence, Iowa I was not kidding! AT&T has yet to discover Independence, Iowa but thankfully the Lord is well acquainted with Independence, Calvary Evangelistic Center and Pastor William Hill. The Lord met with us each night and we are very thankful. 

This was our first revival for Pastor Hill but we have been familiar with him for several years. Bro. Hill has written several books, traveled extensively in foreign missions and ministered all over America singing and preaching. Bro. and Sis. Hill pioneered Calvary Center 46 years ago and have labored there faithfully all through the years. They are super people and dedicated to the Lord and His work. You can find out more about Pastor Hill, his books and the church HERE. I highly recommend all of the literature he has available.

It was our great pleasure to meet the Hill's and their fine folks. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and good services too. Friday night slipped up on us much too soon and we found ourselves wanting to stay longer as we do nearly every week. It is nice when folks are asking you to stay rather than wondering aloud when you are going to leave!

We left after church last night and pointed the BoggsMobile toward the east. I had a really good night driving and pulled into Waynesville about  11:00 this morning. I slept a few hours and as I prepare this post Kelly Jo is busy preparing for us to fly to Montana Sunday morning. The BoggsMobile will be in good hands here and the General will be close by. Thanks for praying for us.


I hope you enjoy the pictures from Independence, Iowa.

Pastor William Hill and his precious wife.

Odie in chapel service

The Wapsipinicon River flows through Independence

Pastor Hill's house is next to the river.

A beautiful picture of one of the wonderful meals prepared for us.

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