Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tent Revival in Richton, Mississippi Day 1

Last night was the first night of tent revival in Richton, Mississippi. Bro. Scott Morris is the Pastor here and he had this bunch fired up last night. He turned the service to us early but they were already having church. The Lord blessed mightily and brought some great victories in lives during the altar service. We give God the glory for the good start.

Bro. Morris and his church are using a friends tent and it was set up when we arrived so our part seemed so easy compared to the previous tent revivals this summer. (Big Grin) We set up platforms and PA and we were ready to go. The tent is in the city park and it is a perfect location. We are able to park the BoggsMobile here as well so that is nice too. We are so thankful for the cooperation of the city of Richton. That is a great blessing. I will try to snap a few pictures of the whole set up later today.

Last night was definitely the coolest night we have had under the tent this year. It was in the mid 50s by the time service was over. The steam coming off the top of my head was a little distracting for some folks. Lol. They have nice heaters under the tent though and it is supposed to be warmer each night.

We had a great treat last night as well. Pastor Joe Diminico from Omaha, Nebraska was passing through the area and arranged his schedule so that he could be in service with us. Bro. Joe is a great friend and we were so glad to see him for a few hours and to be in service with him too. I failed to take a picture of him but he is worshipping in the background in a picture I took of Odie singing during altar service. Maybe I can find an old picture and post it later this week. Thanks for making such an effort to be in church with us Bro. Joe!

There is something really special going on in Richton. Pray that God will have His way in this meeting. God bless you every one.


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