Friday, October 14, 2011

Odie Boggs - October 14, 1985

Today is Odie's 26th Birthday!

Oops wrong picture..

Although you have to admit, Hank the Church Dog is pretty awesome looking...

But this is the picture of the Birthday girl... Our little Odie!

October 14, 1985 was one of the most exciting and scary days in our life. Odie decided to come two months early and nobody could guarantee anything. Kelly Jo's life was in danger, our baby's life was in danger and we were two scared kids! It might be easy to look back now and say it wasn't all that bad because it tuned out OK but THAT day I was scared out of my mind! 

I saw first hand the look on the faces of the medical professionals as the unborn baby's heart rate dipped dangerously low. I ran down the hall with them as they pushed my teenage bride from the Labor and Delivery room to surgery. I stood right there as they performed emergency surgery and they lifted our little baby up about seven minutes after the decision to do the surgery. They rushed our baby to intensive care and moved Kelly Jo to recovery and told me it would be a few minutes before I could see either one.

I turned and walked out into the hallway and there stood my Dad. His eyes were blood red from the stress. His blood pressure was probably through the roof. When I saw his eyes it reinforced for me even more that this was serious. After telling my family what had happened I asked for a room to be by myself and a nurse took me to an empty ward of some kind with several beds in it.

I walked into that room a terrified 18 year old boy. I felt no special grace. I felt like my world had turned upside down. I was not equipped for any of this. But I poured my frightened heart out to God. I cried more than I talked but I knew He heard me. Nothing physical had changed that I could see. All the externals were still the same as far as I knew. But in a few minutes I walked out of there with the assurance of God that whatever happened we would make it some how.

God was teaching me when I didn't even know the lesson was going on. I was too young and dumb to know it even though I see it clearly from this vantage point...

We had some scary times. Those next few days, weeks and months were not without difficultly. It was 27 days before Odie would leave the ICU and we would take her home. She had to fight every step of the way but she has proven to be an overcomer! We have watched the hand of God as He has performed miracle after miracle in her life.

We watch now as nearly every week God uses Odie's struggles to inspire some one else to keep struggling on. I have watched her testimony or song minister to people that were out of my reach. I have watched them melt to tears as she is used of God. I have watched her faith in God motivate others to have faith and have seen God give them their miracles a result. I have watched her life touch thousands of people in Mexico, Nigeria and all across America.

We believe Odie's miracle of complete healing is coming! We trust God to do His perfect will in her life. Until that day it is a pleasure to observe God working in her life. He is working on her and through her and I could not be more proud!

What a joy it is to be Odie's Dad! I love you Odie! I love you more than words can say! I love you more than a Hog loves Slop! Happy 26th Birthday, Sweetheart! Your Mother and I are so proud of the woman you have become!


Odie reads all the comments. Please leave her a Happy Birthday comment below..


  1. Happy Birthday Odie! You are loved.
    And Bro Davy... Well written!
    Sis Kelly, We are sure glad you made it too!
    God bless you all! You are frequently in our thoughts, and we appreciate your friendship and ministry.

    Michael A Johnson

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Odie!!!...what a GREAT inspiration you are to so many people. I am in awe at what God is doing in your life. You are an amazing young lady & I believe that God has GREAT plans for your future!!!

    I LOVE YOU, Wavelene

  3. WOW! What a wonderful testimony Bro. Davy, you have a great gift from God in being able to communicate thought. Oh, if more fathers would encourage their children with such words of love.

    But to the point... Happy Birthday Sis. Odie!!! And yes many times your testimonies and songs have brought me to tears and a desire for a closer walk with Christ.

    Bro. Charlie Brown

  4. Happy Birthday Odie! We love you!

    Sis Christy, Joshua, and Jarett
    Pine Prairie, Louisiana

  5. Happy birthday Odie...we love you!
    Tommy, Holly, & Jonas

  6. Happy birthday ! You are very beautiful. Davy you wrote a great story. Keep up the great work you, Kelly Jo, and Odie do. We like the updates via email.

    Steve "Boggs" Moore & Family

  7. Happy Birthday Odie:) I love you so much!!!! I'm glad I was able to surprise you on your birthday:) Love you W.E. L. Deidre:)

  8. Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes!!
    I am thankful for the blessings of God upon my life!!!


  9. This made me cry!! I can't believe that was 26 years ago. Happy Birthday my beautiful niece!!!
    Love you,
    Aunt Theresa

  10. You are a living testimony! I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  11. Well Happy Birthday Sister Odie! I really appreciate you and your service for the Lord.

    God Bless!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Odie! It is true, you are such a blessing!
    May God bless you with many more...until He comes!

  13. Happy birthday Odie!! Remember : growing older is mandatory , growing up
    is optional. We love you!
    Bruce & Priscilla

  14. Happy Birthday Miss Odie!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

    The Collins

  15. Happy birthday Odie!!!
    Love ya girl!!!!!
    From your friends in AL. The Isaacs

  16. Happy birthday, Odie Podie!! I love you so much. It's been a privelege growing up being your friend and I miss seeing you. I pray for your miracle and God's blessings on you! You are a jewel!

    Love you bunches,

    Ashlee, Kari, and Malachi

  17. I appreciate that so many of you have taken the time to comment and to wish Odie a Happy Birthday.
    God bless you for your kindness..


  18. Happy Birthday Odie! Sorry I am a day late :( We love and miss you! Ashley (and Carlie)

  19. Well, Odie, you're not quite as good looking as Hank, but I'm pretty sure you sing better than he does!

    Happy Birthday! We love you.

    Brother Charles, Wichita

  20. Happy Birthday from the Thompson family in Sterlington,La. ! Sorry we were a few days late ! We pray that you had a great one !

  21. Happy belated birthday to Sis. Odie from the Holt family! I hope things work out for you all to be with us at CHC again soon.

  22. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes for Odie. Bro. Charles comment about Hank and Odie is Hilarious!



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