Thursday, October 13, 2011

It Looked Good On Paper...

"It Looked Good On Paper..." That's one of the sayings I am known for in the BoggsMobile. It has to do with scheduling and it is usually uttered while we are crazy busy driving, singing and preaching all at approximately the same time. Scheduling is a necessary but troubling part of life for an evangelist. At least for this evangelist. 

I am very thankful when churches invite our family for revival. I praise God for every opportunity to sing and especially to preach the gospel. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly. We enjoy every revival and love being with folks all over. I am not very good at juggling though... Lol

I have found that Pastors all over the country that invite us for revivals are very patient and understanding. They realize that we could not operate as good stewards of the resources that God provides and constantly zig-zag across the nation. That often enables me to schedule several weeks at a time within a 300-500 mile circle saving on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear on the BoggsMobile and on our bodies.

However, long trips are inevitable and this is where I usually get into trouble. I end up scheduling way too much stuff way too close together on the calendar and way too far a part on the map. Thus the saying, "It Looked Good on Paper..." (GRIN) It has happened so many times that now Kelly Jo and Odie usually say it for me. (GROAN)

Which brings me to the next few weeks. We plan to leave Tennessee Friday night after church and drive 821 miles (According to Google Maps) and begin revival on Sunday in Independence, Iowa. That Friday we plan to drive 571 miles (According to Google Maps) to Waynesville, Ohio. We plan to leave the BoggsMobile there and fly out to Missoula, Montana and start revival in Florence on Sunday night. We have revival there, a wedding to preach and then on Saturday we fly to California for three revivals. Then......

Well, you get the picture, right? It REALLY looked good on paper....

At least I'm not pastoring a church! In fact we are having a blast!



  1. OK....I am so upset that y'all weren't at campmeeting!! I looked for you EVERY night and finally decided that you weren't coming. I'm thinking this is the first time you've ever missed?? I miss you all! Love you!


  2. God's blessings to you all! Because you all are such a blessing.....


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