Monday, October 24, 2011

Adding To Montana Memories

It's always a treat to visit the Metzger's and the Sun Valley Church. We never know exactly what is in store for us here but we always know it will be enjoyable.

We have many fond memories in Montana. Long time readers know that Kelly Jo and I spent our 25th wedding anniversary out here. Those weeks will be hard to beat as the very best weeks in our lives. We looked forward to it for two years and now it's hard to believe we are looking back on it in the past by over a year. Time really does fly.

This place and these people will forever have a very special place in our hearts. This week will no doubt add to those special feelings. At least two events will make this week wonderful.

First, we are having a youth revival this week until Wednesday night. We are expecting God to do great things in our lives as we worship, hear His Word and seek His perfect will in our lives. Last night was a very good start of revival.

Secondly, once revival is finished preparations will kick into high gear for the grand finale of the week. On Friday afternoon the Youth Pastor for Sun Valley Church will marry the Pastor's daughter. Nathan Jeffreys will wed Leah Metzger and I have the distinct honor and privilege of officiating the ceremony.

Leah is the fourth child of Bro. and Sis. Metzger and the third daughter. She was born on the mission field in Sierra Leone, West Africa and has been raised in a Pastor's home on the mission field in Montana.
Nathan was raised in a Godly home and great church in West Virginia. His father is also in the ministry and is a well respected preacher.

These two young people have a heart for God and it is such a thrill to take part in the beginning of their life together. God is already using Nathan and Leah to be a blessing and there is no limit to what God can do with them as a team.

I think you can tell we are just a little bit excited to be in Montana. I am sure we will be posting a full report on all of the fun with plenty of pictures included. Below are a few pictures from yesterday.

God bless each one.

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