Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smokin Odie's BBQ Discount

Back in January while in Miami, Oklahoma, I posted about Smokin Odie's BBQ. We went in because of the name (Our daughters name is also Odie) but we will go back in the future because the food and lunch prices were awesome. It was really that good.

Friday morning the owner of Smokin Odie's BBQ, Mr. Ottis Bailey, posted a comment on that post. I was floored! Out of all the posts I have put up about food we have eaten this is the first time I have had a response from a restaurant owner. I think it is so cool. He left a very gracious comment and I appreciate it very much.

It is also cool that Mr. Bailey is offering a discount to all of our readers that come in and mention our blog. Isn't that great? I encourage everyone any where near Miami, Oklahoma to stop in and tell them we sent you from Boggsblogs! Smokin Odie's BBQ is just a few miles off of I-44 so make plans to stop in as you are passing through as well.

You can read the original post with his comment and also find the details on the discount he is offering by following the link below.

God bless,


Smokin Odie's BBQ


  1. That is too cool!!! Wish I were closer to it!!

  2. Amazing post - thank you for sharing! I wish I was closer too :)

  3. Thanks for reading our blog and for the comments. We plan to be in Miami, Oklahoma in June and hope to stop at Smokin Odie's then.


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