Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dothan, Alabama Storm

Some left over hail!

We made the trip over from Ellisville, Mississippi to Dothan, Alabama on Saturday. It was a good day to travel and everything went very smooth. It was the first time to pull the trailer with the jeep in it since we had the hitched on the BoggsMobile fixed and all went well. We are very thankful for that.

We started revival this morning at Mt. Sinai and they had a church dinner afterward. It was all good but the excitement started in the afternoon. As we finished eating is was plain to see that a storm was on the way. When it arrived it came on strong!

We hadn't been back in the bus long when the rain, hail and wind whipped up into a fury. It came down on the windows and roof with a vengeance. It was just a little scary. One of the neighbors said he saw a tornado but that hasn't been confirmed.

We are all fine but when we went outside afterward we could see how blessed we are. The power lines were down, some trees broken, the church air conditioner was moved and things not nailed down were blown around or away.

Some of the church folks were still in the fellowship hall when it started and they opened the door to go after some children they had already loaded in their vehicle. The storm ripped the door off the hinges. Bro. Watson, the pastor, lost the chimney off his house and also lost a set of steps.

It was wicked rain, hail & wind. The roof of BoggsMobile may have some hail damage, the trailer definitely has some hail damage but Mr. Cheap Jeep is fine. We will look it all over better tomorrow but we are so thankful everybody is safe.

Thank God for helping and protecting us.


  1. Thank God for His protection! Oh, the adventures of evangelizing! :) Don't you love it?

  2. What is it with you guys and storms! :) At least that one didn't last two weeks. So glad yall are ok. Sure looking forward to tent revival. Be praying for yall, Love, the Conner Crew

  3. We are having the time of our lives AND thanking God for His grace and protection. God is good even if a tornado throws Mr. Cheap Jeep into the next county. Lol! Everything we have belongs to God so He can do with it what He will. We sure have been in our share of storms lately though!


  4. Not sure why it didn't put our name earlier.
    Nathan, Stephanie, Ash, Nat & Zach

  5. Not sure why it didn't put my name earlier.
    Stephanie Conner


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