Thursday, March 3, 2011

Calotype Pictures From Our Havin' Church CD

Julie Stephens took the pictures for our cover and did a great job as usual. She and her husband John are so talented. You can see several of the pictures below.  Julie also designed the front cover.  She was actually just giving us some ideas and we liked her ideas so much that we told the manufacturer that her design was exactly what we wanted.  She is so good, as you can see.

John and Julie's studio is located in Anderson, Missouri and is called Calotype Photography.  I will put the phone number below. Click on Calotype to go to their website. If you ever have the chance to schedule some time in their studio, I am sure you will be well pleased with the end result. Tell them we sent you and give them a big hug for us!


While in the studio, Kelly Jo had another celebrity sighting. We were told this guy looks like a singer who is a real Rascal. Guess who in the comments. The picture is at the bottom of the page.


Guess Who??

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  1. Oh I love these!!!! :~)

  2. Thanks Sister. John and Julie are great.
    Any guesses on the celebrity?

  3. Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts! ????

  4. Not sure of his name but you guessed it. You win the chocolate chip cookie! What shall I do with it? It will be stale before I see you so I may eat it for you.

    Doesn't he look like him?

    It is actually Bro. John Stephens but he has had several folks think he is the guy that sings with Rascal Flatts.


  5. I was clueless! LOL!! I have heard people talk about them but wouldn't recognize one band member!!!
    The pictures are so awesome. Odie Podie, I love you!! You are beautiful!

  6. Don't brag on Odie that way, Ashlee! She is already spoiled rotten! lol

    Davy & Kelly Jo

  7. Thank you, Ash! Have you had your eyes checked lately? :)


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