Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The BoggsMobile Hitch Saga

This is part two of The BoggsMobile Hitch Saga. For part one click HERE. We discovered that some of the welds were broken on the way from Purcell, Oklahoma and Richton, Mississippi. They had probably been broken since before we owned it but we discovered it by pulling a trailer rather than Mr. Cheap Jeep. It needed to be completely re-welded.

As we began to inquire about what would have to be unhooked on the BoggsMobile before we welded on it the news went from bad to worse. Prevost said that not only would the batteries have to be unhooked but at least 12 modules all over the bus would have to be disconnected. That meant making a trip to Nashville or find some one else qualified to do it who would also assume liability if something went wrong.

I decided to take the bumper assembly off myself to see whatever there was to see. I found to my surprise that I could remove both parts of the hitch with 8 bolts. Soon I had the whole thing in my hand.

You can see below how poorly the hitch was "fixed" some time in the past before I owned the BoggsMobile. It was an awful mess.

One of the Brothers in the church at Richton highly recommended a welding shop and a particular welder named Perry. He came by to look at it and asked me to bring all the parts of the hitch and the bus to their shop the next day. I backed it in and Perry went to work. 

Perry and another man named Monte lined it all up and welded it better than new, reinforcing it on top and bottom.  Then Monte and I put it back on the bus with new bolts and nuts and it was ready to go.

I painted all the welds with engine compartment paint and then painted the receiver black.

I put all the trim and the bumper back on and now it is as good as new. 

I want to thank Bro. Scott Morris and his church for their encouragement and help. They were a great blessing. Perry and Monte from Sam's Welding did a great job and I appreciate them as well. I praise God for pulling it all together, guiding my steps and calming my nerves all the way through. This whole saga could have cost many hundreds of dollars but I am back on the road with a little inconvenience, some skinned knuckles and very little money spent. Praise God. Also, Bro. Larry Landress, Bro. Chris Whiffen and Bro. John Eaton guided me through the ins and outs, ups and downs of welding and Ben Isaacs advised me on the bus side of things.  I praise God for the men He has placed in my life to help me. I could not make it without them.

Bro. Don Tabor was on his way to Allentown from Missouri so I paid him to pull my trailer from Sterlington, Louisiana to Richton, Mississippi. That was a great blessing to me as well.  It cost me some money but saved me over 10 hours driving plus wear and tear. I think it was great trade.

There you have it, The BoggsMobile Hitch Saga. It is another example of the faithfulness of God in our lives. We could have lost the Jeep sometime in the past or lost the trailer and the jeep the first time we pulled it. We could have killed somebody behind us but God watched us and helped us. He sent us to the right places at the right times. He provided the finance needed and the right people to help us and advise us. I certainly do not understand God's ways but I know that He Knows what is best. Praise His Holy Name!

God Bless,

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