Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday And Wednesday In Review

Day two of Allentown campmeeting is past. We were in three great services. The Lord was there from the beginning song. God was reminding us it's gonna be worth it all! Here is my recap on Wednesday services.

Morning Service

Bro. John Eaton
Exodus 29: 42-45
Sanctifyus With Your Glory

Bro. Marlin Rogers
1 Kings 18: 36-40
When Providence Meets Preparation

Bro. Ronald Hobby
Jude 1: 11
Numbers 26: 11
Reverse The Curse

Youth Service
Ozark Bible Institute Ministry (OBI)

Bro. Evan Reed
Luke 24: 1-11
Idle Tales

Bro. Nathan Brimm
Matthew 26: 6-16
Count The Cost

Bro. Michael Brandon
Psalm 61: 1-3
3 Ways To Overcome Being Overwhelmed

Bro. Dathan Tucker
Not Just A Visitation We Need A Habitation

Night Service

Bro. Shad MacDonald
Luke 22: 31-32
A Desire From Hell

The meeting started Tuesday morning. We were not able to attend the Tuesday services. I have only heard good reports. In the morning service Bro. Brent Gabbard, Bro. Denis Heath and Bro. Bill Houston preached. In the youth service Bro.Tyler Bohon and Bro. Titus Shuecraft. I think there was another preacher too. Tuesday night Bro. Jimmy Millikin preached.

Now it is day three. I am looking forward to a wonderful day. I will tell you all about it!


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