Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Miracle Baby!

The first part of March I posted about the miracle baby in Richton, Mississippi. We are still praising God for giving Bro. and Sis. Brewer the miracle of little Logan. You can read about it and see pictures HERE

We heard then that God had also given Bro. Paul and Sis. Tracy Sheffield a miracle baby in Ellisville, Mississippi. Now I have seen him with my eyes and held the miracle in my hands. He is a beautiful baby. You can see Caleb for yourself along with his mom and dad. 

(More pictures below)

I remember clearly the night last year that Bro. Paul grabbed hold of faith for a child and would not let go. It was March 26, 2010 on the last night of revival in Ellisville, Mississippi. 

God had challenged his heart to demonstrate his faith in God. Bro. Paul was the first one in the altar that night and one of the last ones to leave. Bro. Paul and Sis. Tracy wanted a baby so bad but every avenue was a dead end. 

Bro. Paul demonstrated his faith in God by going home and preparing a nursery for their baby. They finally decided to paint their nursery blue. With the nursery painted they settled in to wait on God. 

In September they received a call from another county about a newborn in need of a home. Two days later they brought Caleb home from the hospital and placed him in the nursery they had painted by faith. Caleb was seven days old and they have had him ever since. 

Isn't that awesome? They had faith in God for a miracle. They demonstrated their faith by preparing a nursery for their baby and God honored their faith with a miracle.

Here's an interesting side note. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but little Caleb is a spitting image of Bro. Paul. Isn't that cool?

Bro. Paul and Sis. Tracy are only a step or two from having permanent custody of little Caleb. We are praying and believing that the rest of the process will be smooth and timely. 

Praise God for working miracles in the lives of those that trust him. If you have a great need in your life today dare to believe God for a miracle! Our God is able to do it if you put your trust in Him. Trust God to do what is best in your life. You may not understand Him or comprehend what He is doing but Trust Him!



  1. I love this story! What a miracle! Praise God!

  2. Isn't our God great! When you think there is no hope, God amazes us again with his goodness.

    Jason M

  3. Bro. Boggs,

    Just wanted to thank God for giving you the messages that you preached at First Assemly of God in Ellisville. You where given the right words to say so that my oldest son and his wife would be saved. They where baptized last Sunday night and what a blessing that was. Praying for the miracle that my husband and youngest son will be saved soon.

    Always enjoy your preaching and your family singing. Will have to wait till Oct. for tent revival in Richton, MS.

    Praying that God will continue to give you the messages that you need for more people to be saved and songs that you need to sing to minister to people.

    Love yall,

    The Tucker's
    Mark, Lottie, Matthew, Daniel & Kristin

  4. Praise God for doing His mighty work among us. To God be the glory. I live to see people get saved.

  5. Bro Boggs,nice to put faces with the "paint the nusery story".God is great.Good to talk to u yesterday.Keep in touch.I follow u on your blog.Looks great.Benji

  6. As of Wednesday Oct 19, 2011. He is completely ours!!! He is officially Caleb Paul Sheffield.
    We are so very blessed!

    Paul, Traci, and Caleb Sheffield

  7. We miss yall so much
    Love Von Alicia Brianna Rylan & Ayden


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