Friday, February 4, 2011

Hilldale Holiness Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We have been parked at Hilldale Holiness Church this week. (and because of the snow we probably will be for quite sometime) We started revival Sunday but have been halted since Tuesday. We were hoping to have church tonight but it is snowing again so that looks impossible.

We have enjoyed visiting with Bro. Nathan and Sis. Stephanie Conner some this week. Bro. Nathan is the Pastor here and they live right across the street. They have tried to accommodate our every need this week and have been a blessing to us.

We have enjoyed visiting with their family and we look forward to coming back again when there is just a tad less snow.

Bro Aaron Jarvis

Our next revival is on the other side of Tulsa. There is no way to move the BoggsMobile in all of this snow but we can drive the jeep back and forth to church. However it is doubtful whether it will be possible to have church next week either. So we will wait it out and enjoy the view.

God bless you all. Keep us in your prayers.


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  1. Funny cute pics! I hate it so bad that you all have had to miss church. :( I'm praying spring down upon us all!


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